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Fiber Arts

Baskets, Felting, Quilting, Rugmaking, Spinning, Weaving
The White River Craft Center Weaving Studio has been in operation since 2002 and during this time many students have learned to weave. Yarn, looms and weaving equipment hve been generously donated to the studio. We have five table looms of varying weaving widths, four 4-shaft floor looms and three 8-shaft floor looms of varying weaving widths. We also have a 4-shaft floor loom with a 12 foot wide weaving width.
Classes in beginning weaving, frame loom weaving, inkle loom weaving, warping review, color, selvedges, drafting, and an intermediate block weave class are offered throught out the year. A few looms are set up for anyone to come and weave which is a great resoure for those wanting to learn weaving and to spend time at this ancient craft. If you are interested in weaving on a loom in the studio or would like to take a class, please contact the Craft Center at 728-8912.
The Vermont Weavers Guild meets regularly at Kimball House from September through May. More information about Vermont Weavers Guild can be found Here:

Kimball House Weaving Updates
Friday Weavers
We are a group of weavers who meet on Friday from 10-2p.m. to weave.

Some members are weaving projects of their own which for some reason they
cannot or do not want to weave at home.  It may be that their loom is not
wide enough or they prefer to have other weavers mentor them with a specific

project.  In this case, there is a charge for use of the loom and thescarf2.JPG
weaving equipment.  this fee is based on the length of the project and if
Weaving Studio yarn is used.

Most of the weavers are weaving articles for the Craft Center to sell to
help pay for the space, heat and electric that we use.  These weavers are
weaving things like mug rugs, hand towels, scarves and other useful yet
beautiful handwoven articles.  There is no charge if weaving for Craft

We do have one loom available for people who are interested in weaving but
have no knowledge but would like to learn how to throw the shuttle.  In this
case there is a minimal charge for the instruction.  If you are interested
in this please call the Craft Center to get more information. This fee is
$10.00 per Friday until student is proficient with throwing the shuttle.
Learning to warp the loom is generally learned in a weaving class.  Classes
in Introductory Weaving are offered at the Craft Center each Fall or when
there are at least three students interested in a class.

Weaving on the 60 inch Macomber loom:  This fee is a reasonable donation to
WRCC for use of the loom, electric and heat.
At least once a month there will be a class of interest for which registration will be required. See information below. Potential students may also request specific topics. Future classes will include but not be limited to Drafting and specific weave structures. Keep an eye out for classes that may spontaneously arise and for classes beyond March.


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