Randolph, Vermont

Fiber Arts

Baskets, Felting, Quilting, Rugmaking, Spinning, Weaving


The White River Craft Center Weaving Studio has been in operation since 2002 and during this time many students have learned to weave. Yarn, looms and weaving equipment hve been generously donated to the studio. We have five table looms of varying weaving widths, four 4-shaft floor looms and three 8-shaft floor looms of varying weaving widths. We also have a 4-shaft floor loom with a 12 foot wide weaving width.


Classes in beginning weaving, frame loom weaving, inkle loom weaving, warping review, color, selvedges, drafting, and an intermediate block weave class are offered throught out the year. A few looms are set up for anyone to come and weave which is a great resoure for those wanting to learn weaving and to spend time at this ancient craft. If you are interested in weaving on a loom in the studio or would like to take a class, please contact the Craft Center at 728-8912.


The Vermont Weavers Guild meets regularly at Kimball House from September through May. More information about Vermont Weavers Guild can be found Here: http://vtweaversguild.org

Introduction to Weaving & Open Studio Class


Learn the ancient art of weaving at the White River Craft Center at 50 Avenue, Randolph, VT. The Craft Center has all the equipment and materials you will need to learn this craft. Weaving is a relaxing and rewarding craft which can be functional and/or artistic. Your imagination is the only limit and you make long lasting friendships.

The class is taught over two weekends. The first class will be Sat. & Sun., Oct. 19th and 20th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the second weekend is Nov. 2nd & 3rd 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The date of the last two hours of class will be determined by the students which is a return loom and only a show and tell class.  

This is an Introduction to Weaving & Open Studio class, which will cover learning the basics that turn yarn into a finished piece of fabric. You will learn how to use a loom, measure a warp, dress the loom, and weave a sampler of different weave patterns, yarns and colors. You will prepare and interpret weaving drafts and plan a project of your own choice from beginning to end. We will discuss resources that will enable you to continue weaving at home.

If you have taken this class you may contact the instructor with a specific project you would like to weave. If you are interested in participating in this weaving class, please contact Susan at 728-9728 or srockwellvt@gmail.com for more information or questions.