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The White River Craft Center is a Non profit in Randolph Vermont, focused on educational opportunities that involve art and hand craft


The White River Craft Center is a Non profit focused on educational opportunities that involve art and hand craft. We appreciate the support and generosity of our donors to make this mission possible.  Please consider giving to White River Craft Center – your donation will be used to stimulate life long learning.

Our thanks to our steadfast supporters:

    Gifford Medical Center

Northfield Savings Bank

Randolph Technical Career Center


The Freeman Foundation

The Preservation Trust of Vermont

The Town of Randolph

Upper Valley Community Foundation

Vermont Arts Council

Vermont Clay Studio

Vermont Community Foundation

Vermont Department of Health

Vermont Agency of Human Services

Vermont Department of Labor


Frankenberg Agency

Jane Pincus

Jane Pincus, Artist Talk

Jane Pincus will give a presentation on her exceptional Batiks, the process involved and her creative path used in both her batik's and her more recent work.  

Batik is an ancient art done on fabric dating back to India, Asia, and Egypt as early at the first century.  The word "batik" means "wax writing" in Indonesian and is done with the use of molten wax.  After the wax is applied those portions of the fabric resist a specific color when applied to the dye bath.  Jane's batiks are very detailed and exhibit an extraordinary artistic ability.

Her more recent painting and collage work shows her innate use of creativity.  Her presentation will focus on the creative process which is inherent in all her work. 

Jane Pincus, of Roxbury, VT was one of the original writers who published the 1970 book “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” now in its ninth edition.For the past 45 years, she has alternated health care work with creating art.

Jane's talk will be Saturday Feb. 2, 2019 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the White River Craft Center.  Her exhibit currently in the Center Gallery will be on display until Feb. 8th.

White River Craft Center

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Thank You

Thank you to all of you who supported us as volunteers and occupants of the White River Craft Center such as the VT Department of Labor; the studios of artists Susannah Colby, Fern Strong, and the Friday Weavers; Restorative Justice; the Vermont Weavers Guild; and SAAP.  

Upcoming events

Jane Pincus is giving a presentation on Creating Batiks. and her paintings on Jan.  26th from 2-4p.m.

Susan Rockwell is teaching an Introductory and Open Studio Weaving class on the weekends of Feb. 23 - 24 and  March 16 - 17. 


Amy Hook-Therrien’s “Branching Out” is an exhibit of water colors and is hung in the Kimball Room.

Jane Pincus has an exhibit in the Center Gallery of her batiks and other art work.

We appreciate all the help from the RUHS Interact Club, SAAP, Northfield Savings Bank, Gifford Medical Center, and the Frankenberg Agency for their sponsorship of our community lunches. 

The White River Craft Center is seeking gallery sitters, servers for community meals, and new artists to exhibit and/or teach a class. To volunteer, contact: 

CARE: (Community Arts in Randolph for Everyone)

Instructor: Susannah Colby

A community art drop in for children and their parent/guardians. The White River Craft Center will be open on Sunday mornings from 8AM - 10PM for children 5 and older to drop in and explore the arts with their parent/guardians. Children must be accompanied by an adult and adults need to sign their family up prior to arrival.

Call 802-591-1894 or email

Amy Hook-Therrien; Branching Out

November 9, 2018 - February 8. 2019, Opening Reception, November 9, 5:00 - 7:00


White River Craft Center presents: “Branching Out” by Amy Hook-Therrien

White River Craft Center will be exhibiting original watercolor paintings by Vermont artist Amy Hook-Therrien November 9, 2018 through February 8, 2019 with an opening reception November 9th from 5pm to 7pm. 

Amy Hook-Therrien now of Windsor, VT graduated from Randolph Union High School in 2007. She went on to study art at The University of Maine in Orono. She graduated with a BFA focusing in painting & sculpture in 2011. She has been working with watercolors for the past 8 years. 

Amy is known for her birch tree watercolors, and dead beech leaves. “I always joke about being obsessed with dead beech leaves, it’s true. While walking in the winter to see that soft gold against the white landscape always makes me stop. The delicate leaves fiercely clinging to their branches as if to protest winter.”  She first uses pen to sketch in the darker details of the painting and then lays watercolor over top. The rigid lines of the pen allow her to be freer with her watercolor marks. Amy mixes her watercolor loosely allowing the color to separate slightly giving her paintings texture and life. 

Amy’s artwork is mostly nature based, trees, leaves, streams, moss covered rocks, etc. She tries to show all the “imperfections” in the subject she is painting, a leaf that is torn can be even more beautiful than a leaf that is whole. A birch tree with hanging bark has more character than one that is intact. 

Branching Out is Amy’s first solo gallery show. “It means so much to me that people are interested in my work. I have been painting a lot of new pieces for this show and cannot wait for everyone to see them!” She will have large and small original pieces on display. 

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White River Craft Center

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